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New labs and some random thoughts..

So today is whatever day it is and I’m sitting at #ShileyEyeCenter to have more and more and more tests done because of my #Graves.

Yep. New ailment! Cuz yep… WHY NOT!!

Graves info

Amy before the Graves started presenting itself….


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And years going forward to now…

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I went to my new NEUROGOD, Dr. Ross #Mandeville at #UCSD and we are working on my #Neuropathy issues. So God willing I will have my legs and feet returned to me in perfect form in time for next years beach season.

But he had labs done here they are.

Anyone have any thoughts?

I had my labs done yesterday for dr. Vodkin. Here’s those results…. Seems I’m all good in my hood. MELD IS 11 so STATUS QUO!!!

Tonight, I’m having dinner with Robbie and finally meeting his beautiful parents… I’m soooo looking forward to this! I adore them already! #AnotherSetOfParents is always nice! I’ll post photos over at my Facebook page later. So don’t forget to have a look.

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With love always in my heart and soul,
AmyAnd Mister Jinx (my new baby!)