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Another “eye-cation” at “The Thornton Hotel”…

Well Hello My Pretties, and your big dogs too….

I had my Left Eye Orbital Decompression on the 7th of February. As is always, a pleasure.

My Orbital Decompression with Drs. Bobby Korn and Audrey Ko went as smooth as ever! I did wake up with some sort of gloved turban situation, but I was thankful for being safe and alive and finally having my left eye look somewhat like my right, which has recovered beautifully.

I’m not sure of the next steps, as I will be seeing Dr. Korn again in about 3 weeks, but it is already looking beautiful.

Couldn’t have more amazingly supporting doctors and nurses! All of them were there for me beyond the job. Thankful is not enough!

LOok at that turban situation I have going there!?! I woke up and looked in a mirror and was like, “WTF?” I swear it was attached to my eye.. That glove… WHAT IS THAT.

Anyhoo, so without further ado, here I am in all my facial glory… (Comments are necessary, please!!!!)

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The latest, greatest in photos for February & March, 2016


Thought I would post some things I (along with my ranch hand/cousin Mitchie Pants “Mr. Step and Fetch It”) have been doing and working on here at the ranch.

It goes to show you, if you follow the rules that your specialists and doctors give you, you too can get stronger.

Be a FIGHTER! I fight for myself but more importantly, I FIGHT FOR YOU!!

364 days of sobriety! Mine, ALL MINE!! Continue reading