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This and thaaaaaaaaaat…..

******* January 26, 2017 *******

yeah yeah yeah…

I know, I know. I’m very overdue for this blog. So I think it’s time to update y’all on my Amytastic life….


So, I had my first surgery on the right eye for my Graves Disease. Below is the slideshow on all of that….

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I’m having the left eye surgery on the 7th of February. Just around the corner. At Jacobs/Thornton Hospital. I’ll be there overnight, so feel free to check in or visit… Bring food offerings… Hahaha! No, like seriously. I had no food last time because I got out surgery later and I didn’t have the heart to ask Rob to get me food. There’s hardly any food offerings in that section of La Jolla unless you visit the mall… Yeah, no!

Thanksgiving was especially awesome… Excellent food offerings by all three of us.

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As for Christmas, we were sad to not attend my amazing Godparents dinner because I was Looking a bit GOONIESish!

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I made the exact dinner my beautiful and hardworking Godmother Angela made for the family tasty!

New Years was even better. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a kiss at midnight…

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And so that leads us to today. Sitting a Shiley. Pre-op stuff. The best thing is…  We get to spend the night with my favorite BFFs and brothers from excellent and beloved mothers, Robbie and Gregg. And I get to see FINNIE!! I’m just now getting into Prim’s inner circle. She’s slept on the guest bed with me and STAYED!! I’m flabbergasted! She finally lets me walk her and pet her and even pick her up and hold her. Making moves there!

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So so that’s my life in a nutshell since the last time I updated!

…. And if you are Aunt Judy’s (my dads first wife) husband…. A BIG HUGE SHOUT OUT to you for keeping up with my crazy!





I’m in my dark & twisty “bubble”, so I’m re-doing the walk-in pantry! 

Well. So last Thursday was interesting to say the least!

About 10 days ago, I went to the #opthamologist to continue on my “make sure all my other organs, orrifices and body parts are in tip-top shape” world tour…

What a mistake. Sort of. Well not really. I was referred to #Ocularplastics. Having had no clue as to why I was going, I went to the appointment Thursday, hence my “bubble” status. .

After 3, count them, 3 hours, Dr. Audrey Ko diagnosed me with “history of bilateral #Proptosis with suspicion for #Graves/Thyroid Eye Disease”… #SoManyTests

She’s rather convinced and sees me with all the classic signs… Oh yeah. Because Amy needed YET another effing #AILMENT!!!!

So here we go again with extensive blood labs, CT Orbits, Visual Fields, Ocular Color Photo, and then back to #ShileyEyeCenter to discuss the treatment plan.

All I know is, my eyes hurt all time, headaches, sinus, occasional double vision, 👀 protruding eyes 👀… And more.

So yeah. I’m in my bubble. And I’m just going about my bubble mess….

In my bubble, The Sleestacks rule!

In my bubble, The Sleestacks rule!

So I decided to emerge from my self-imposed “woe is me” avoidance bubble long enough my work on the #ranch.

Re-did the walk-in, gave Little Ricky a #puppy cut, made a pot of #Spanish #Lentil and Black Bean #Soup, and more.

I took photos of the walk-in after my #darkandtwisty #OCD hands got in there. Now it’s #justlikeilikeit!!

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My mom is kind of an #apocalypsejunkie! #HoardingMuch? I tried the best I could in there…

On Saturday, I emerged again and dragged myself out to the Campo #VMX Flat Track Races. Rather fascinating experience. I very much enjoyed it when Jeff, my long ago ex-fiancée, took me to #TheMurph to the #Motocross… So. Much. FUN!!! Wish it were more like that. Sadly, it felt like we watched more #tractor races (i.e. wetting down the track, filling holes, etc, etc…) than actually watching races. $10 sort of wasted. But at least I had a great experience.

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So now we are at Sunday. I’m climbing out of my bubble now to start a week anew.

Tomorrow, Monday, I’m headed to my therapist do discuss last weekend homework assignment. We are working on unsensored future plans. Is #sex and a hot man considered #Unsensored #futureplans? #cobwebs

I kid, I kid! Or am I???

A lot of new testing, exams, scans, to go through, but at least the sinus pain (or what I thought was #sinus pain), eye strain, painful eyes, double vision, protruding eyes, headaches, etc., will be taken care of.

This all culminates on Thursday, when I will have my sit down with my Ocularplastics and figure out a treatment plan.

I also am am meeting with my #LiverTransplant Doctor, Dr. Vodkin, and my Coordinator, Joanie, on Thursday. Just a regular check up and discussion of the latest shit in my life.

And God willing, I can fit in my work and a few meals with friends.

For this, I’m #blessed.

Hope everyone has a great week. I’ll try to blog more as I get back to the city this week.

Ti amo tutti molto,


Super Bowl Sunday… Kinda a Highah and Debbie Downah!!

So yeah, the Super Bowl this year was kind of meh…. Only good thing was Lady Gaga and The Halftime Show!

FINALLY a halftime show that was what reminded me of years waaaay past…

But #CanWeTwalk?

When they had all the old-timer legends walk out onto the field, I almost cried. Talk about a #WalkDownMemoryLane!?!?!!!!!
Kids today just don’t know. They just don’t. I’ll bet you most of your kids were watxching their iPads and SmartPhones??? Today’s smart are raised right these days watching the Super Bowl and learning about the old timers. However, I have found that there is some pretty shitty #ExcellentParenting this generation… #SoProud #NotAParent

And, Beyonce was MEH and fully disrespectful, I am allowed my opinion however she was rather amazing but Lady Gaga… That’s the real deal! Coldplay and, I think, Bruno Mars were excellent. Just an all around excellent mini-concert!

So moooving on..

Now I’m clicking through the channels… what can I watch that won’t be yet another waste of my time today?

Ah… Old #Nashville reruns! That’s a start. And since I no longer have any desire to dumb down my Encephalopathy riddled brain by watching watch the Real Housewives, I’ll stick to Nashville and House this evening. At least I can learn something…

Oh wow, on AXSTV right now is Alicce Cooper From Moody Theatre in Austin! My ex, #TheAssholio, Gary and I saw him and Motley Crue here in San Diego in December – #ExcellentShow but #AliceCooper killed it! I fell asleep during Motley Crue!! #CuzICan #LiverDiseaseExcuses

I’m so DVRing the shit out of that right now!!! We had excellent seats, but wow, this looks sooo awesome… I’ll need to let the assholeio Gary know… #OrWillI?!?!?!????? We broke it off, so, when, EFF NO!!

All I want to do is knock some sense into his hard head… (aka kick him….)… So here’s me kicking his ass (angry much?)!!!

Anywayzzzz……….. I digress…

I’m just gonna publish this and if I have enough energy, I’ll add to it.. Who knows what bullshit will come out of these phalanges tonight!!!

Well, because I have nothing better to do, here’s some Super Bowl Day photos….