My dear friend and TOTAL INSPIRATION, Mr. Robbie Parks!

My dear friend, Robbie, is post-op Liver Transplant, but now he needs a kidney transplant.

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Now mind you, he did not have addiction issues that led him there. He has a sort of cancer that is rather irreversible, but live able. With that, however, it made his healthy, well, like shit.

An excerpt from his former partner and best friend, Erix:

“Robbie had an emergency life saving liver transplant almost 3 months ago and he had been doing really well in his recovery until this past weekend. Long story short, Robbie had to be readmitted to UCSD Medical Center for complications.

After days of tests doctors informed us that ROBBIE WILL NEED A KIDNEY TRANSPLANT AND HAS BEEN PUT ON THE DONOR LIST. Simply put, his kidneys aren’t responding the way they were predicted to post-liver-transplant.

While we begin the search for a donor match (Robbie can receive a kidney from any healthy individual with O Positive blood type for those interested) doctors are making a last ditch effort to change around Robbie’s treatment/medication regimen to see if they can shock his kidneys into gear. This is most definitely a set back, but Robbie has an amazing medical team watching him and he has a great support system of family and friends……”

His family and friends have set up a Go Fund Me page a little while ago and I am here to promote it to you, my dearest, who’ve all supported me over this past year, and frankly, my entire life.

Please have a click and read about my inspiration, Robbie…

Robbie Parks’ GoFundMe Page!

And please, I implore you, read about and consider, BECOMING AN ORGAN DONOR and please, DONATE YOUR BLOOD! Your blood and organ donation can save so many lives. 

Many blessings and and continued health to you all


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