Has it REEEAAALLLY been a year?? (post in progress)

Things that happened within the year:

  • Orbitalplastic Surgeries x2
  • 1 Orbital Fracture Fix – metal plate
  • Colonoscopy and Endoscopy – ALL IN ONE MORNING – details notforthcoming, but the reason for my critical anemia will be
  • Ups and Downs and the Rob Relationship
  • Amazon and Amazon Logistics! I love them, LONG TIME!!!
  • Summer and why I’ll never go eat lunch in a public park in broad day light with my SigFig again. And a small honorary diatribe about Mr. Rob saving my life…
  • My GBFs GOT MARRIED! And so signed the marriage certificate! Beautiful! Stunning! Classy! Debonaire! Family!!!!
  • Halloween and dressing up as myself, out of costume #BellatrixLestrange #Slitheren
  • Thanksgiving ANDmy Birthday? Oh yeah, ugh I’m nooooooz!
  • ….. and the triple chocolate cake I devoured almost by myself, on the couch, recovering from #1 above Part 2 and #2 and becoming 39, again!!
  • Christmas and 2018
  • …. and so much more to come

So keep your peepers peeled because I’m going to edit and add stuff to this over then next week or so!!

Until then…..


Ciao Bello y Bella’s,

Amelia aka Amy


Fun at the Shiley Eye Center

(This #Blog was started August 18, 2016… naturally I stopped writing because I couldn’t I’m posting it with my update! I kept any mistakes in grammar and spelling, as is…)


….Eyes dilated!! Beware… No clue if any of this will be in correct spelling, grammar or punctuation. So, as I’ve talked briefly before about, I have Graves Disease, otherwise known as Eye Thyroid Disease.

So they measures. They poked. The prodded. They measured again. The eye dropped for pressure. Drops for dilation. And now I’m waiting to see my team.

Hopefully… There will be a treatmebt/surgicaln plan mentioned..

Eating my protein bar and thinking about tonights Big Brother eviction… Is it? Could it? Please got let Paulie .

****** And so that’s where it ended..

And my update today begins…. ******

It took over an hour to get my eyes straight from being dilated and pressure drops and they hurt until the next morning from just about everything from that appointment, but I’m #eternallygrateful for #ucsd and #shileyeyeinstitute and all the doctor, nurses, specialist, staff and everyone. I cannot thank y’all enough!

Moving on…

They ended up taking more photos, measurements and all sorts of stuff for over an hour.

Treatment plan is that I’m going in for another #CTscan then returning in October to make sure my measurements, etc., haven’t changed.

I realize that makes no sense so please partake of this: Graves Disease – Shiley Eye Institute

So looks like I’m going to be going into surgery this winter for the 1st of 4 or more facial and eye surgeries to move my “#bugeye” back.

Circa 2002 and before…


And in more recent years, the decline and beginning stages of Graves Disease

(I’ll add captions with dates for progression of disease when I’m more awake!)

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Apparently, because of my #ESLF status and my bleeding issues, Drs. Kikkawa, Granet, and Shaw are thinking of working on one side of my face first.

I’m riveted to see how that’s gonna look! I certainly hope not like this:



Good news… those #wrinkles will be a thing of the past as one of the final surgeries will be a face lift, so to speak. #thereisagod #plasticsurgeryisquicker #yesplease





I have alot of stuff going on I need to blog about so I’ll really work hard to focus and blast some out here as quickly as I can.

Love y’all!

Fun stuff I’ve been up to… Yet still single.. SHOCKINGLY…

So, like, I’ve been busy these days. I’ve had some fun stuff going on that is helping me in my…


Here are some photos of what

Robbie and I have been up to:

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Here are some photos of what

my dentist and I have been up to:

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    Good times at My niece Angela’s Mission Beach Volleyball Practice:

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    Ranch stuff and goings-on:

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  • Well, that’s about it. Nothing new in the liver department. Blood test are great and I’m getting back to work.. Thanks to my sister Virginia for giving me the time at sports games and practices with my niece and nephew…

  • Love to everyone… When I update, I’ll update… Otherwise follow me on Facebook and Instagram!!


Fun Reading ALERT, – Andy Denhart’s Email Blog

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS WEBSITE AS WELL AS MISS TAMARA TATTLES for all the TEA & SHADE going on in all sorts of gossip and reality… They totally break it down and tell it like it is..

Please partake below and please, Please, PLEASE… Run, Run, RUN &  visit

When an MTV reality show interrupted my vacation

Dear Newsletter Friends,

Last week I went on a brief vacation, staying with family in Hawaii. I was grateful for their generosity and for the time away. Instead of watching Survivor, for example, I hiked into the crater of a dormant volcano, which was incredible—and for someone used to walking and running on flat land at sea level, trudging back up steep grade of volcanic rock in the thin air was surprisingly exhausting.

On Friday, my last day there before flying home, I went out onto the lanai, ready for hours of just sitting and looking at the water and the volcanic mountains in the distance, reading a book (I still haven’t finished ‘The Goldfinch’), and just being present. I even left my phone in the bedroom, intending to not look at it.

The condo building overlooks a small public park and beachfront, where some kind of event was being set up—tents, grills, tables, chairs. A party? A family reunion? Then people started carrying long, rectangular wooden boxes, each side colorfully painted with two narrow triangles. Our first guess was that it was some kind of circus, maybe for animals. They laid out large pieces of wood with tall, thin poles stuck into them. Maybe someone was going to walk on their hands? Or dogs or cats would climb on these?

Through binoculars—I’m subtle—I saw that the small platforms on the tops of these poles were actually different shapes, circles and stars and hearts, and were painted with different colors. A man walked by carrying a big bunch of short ropes, and also what appeared to be pipe insulation foam. How very strange.

I traced the table rentals to a company that supplies film and TV productions with equipment, but couldn’t find anything more. After walking to the post office to mail postcards, we walked back through the park’s parking lot, where more vans were being unloaded. The crew had earpieces connected to radios; the vans said “Production.” This was very clearly some kind of TV show. The subsequent appearance of cameras and jib crane confirmed that.

But what show? I searched social media, and even posted the question on Twitter, but turned up nothing of productions in Maui. Then came one reference to Are You The One?, MTV’s competition between 20 single people whose alleged soulmates are in the cast.

I watched more, dipping into my book occasionally but also continuing to research and watch what was happening. Some condo staff had no idea (one person I talked to was asked a few days earlier if their parking lot could be used for “an event”), but eventually details came from someone we asked: it was a Los Angeles-based crew of people, filming an MTV show. There were 10 men, 10 women, all single. He didn’t recall the title, until I said, Are You The One?, which I now realize sounds less like a title and more like a proposition.

The cast arrived, looking very MTV 2016, and I took some pictures and tweeted what I saw over several hours, which was not a lot. Even when they eventually ran the challenge, it was over quickly. Later, they re-created it, with cameras in the mix, presumably to get close-up shots that will be cut in with the actual competition footage. There was a lot of set-up and tear down, from early morning to late afternoon, and very little action.

But it renewed my appreciation for the work required to make a television show. Those who ignorantly dismiss all reality television as fake might see this as evidence that it’s all a charade. I see it as evidence of the incredible amount of work required by so many people to produce a few minutes of entertainment for us, work that is, by design, invisible to viewers.

So much for a day of relaxing on my last day of vacation! Actually, it still was quite wonderful: I was watching reality TV in real time from the lanai. Such an incredible coincidence.

Hope you’re well. And should this ever happen to you, definitely let me know about it!

By the way, welcome to the few hundred new subscribers since the last newsletter. (Thanks to those of you who’ve forwarded this to friends and colleagues, or encouraged them to subscribe.).

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