All About This Life… Sort Of!

About me huh? Ok, well, I’m Amy.

“Just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to…”

Wait… That’s from #NottingHill. I’m not Julia Roberts and he’s definitely not Hugh Grant…

So yeah, I’m just a woman, nothing more…. Wait… And I have End-Stage Liver Failure (ESLF)/Cirrhosis/Pre-Diabetes (Hypoglycemia). Oh and I love to talk so I thought I’d blog.

My father used to call me “motor mouth” and “the Energizer Bunny” (and not in the cute funny sense…)  and since my ex-boyfriend has taken it upon himself to call me that too, I thought I’d get to using my talent and start blogging. My Liver Life, TV Shiz, Gossip, Random Amyisms… Nothing KarTrashian related, honest engine!

So you can ignore my crazy rumblings or enjoy them, but promise to make you laugh.

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