I Speak! I Speak!

Dear incredibly, wonderful and amazing family, friends and friendly readers:

I shared today. Not just your usual average Amy hilarity. Today was a beautiful day and a perfect share topic… “1st Drink Concept”.

My “1st Drink Concept” is super easy. I drink. I die. So quite frankly, it’s easy for me.

Don’t get me wrong. I struggle. I struggle. Every. Gosh. Darned. Day.

Insert struggle here ______:

  • My unnatural, yet incessant, marriage with ALL THINGS PICKLES!!! (Can’t have them due to high sodium).. I sometimes can be found in my kitchen looking lovelorn and longingly at my huge jar of Jewish Deli Pickles… Yes, the big big ones!


  • My many #EndStageLiverFailure and #Cirrhosis #AmyAilmentOfTheDay
  • PAIN. Every day. I can’t take Ibuprofen products. #Screwed #TylenolIsntForEverything.
  • And so much more… But it’s too late and I’m too tired to sit and go through my very long list of ailments… Not to mention….


It’s incredibly simple. And incredibly simple to do, if I follow the program and the steps. It’s incredibly easy. If you don’t want to die.

If you want to die… Go ahead. Drink or drug again. But that won’t be me. I certainly hope it won’t be you either.

It’s really quite simple. But equally hard if you make it hard. The program is simple if followed and you believe in the program and your higher power!

I’ll post more in a blog tomorrow. Including my talking notes from today….

Because. #Encephalitis.

With love always… Bygones,



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