A little ditty about UCSD ER….

Well hello! I’m baaaaack.. (Says me to the docs at the medical center ER!)

I’m having glucose issues. Not sure what we are doing or any plan as of yet. But I’m in the ER and IV’d up awaiting something. Assuming Insulin, etc. I have no Coke or Pepsi. They will be doing an Ultrasound and a Chest XRay.

Backing up a bit…

Had a checkup with the Transplant Center yesterday. At 4pm and after having ingested fried, onion rings, a spring roll, a brownie and a Snickerdoodle, I had my labs done.

10:30pm last night I got the phone call from the Liver Tramsplant On-call Coordinator. Extremely low a Blood Sugar and was told to get juice, etc and Hard Candy (I’m being prescribed candy, ha!) and of not better, go to the ER. I should’ve known. I was bent over in pain last night, and this has been going on for quite some time…

So I’m in limbo. And super weak and tired. I just wanted to update you all on my situation.

I’m good. In good spirits and hanging in there. It’s just another hole. I’ll dig out of it stronger!

More to come… Oh and this fellow outside my hospital room is continuously talking about #TwerkingForJesus. So I ask myself, “what is this Twerking a For Jesus you speak of?”

I must go go outside and sneak a peek as to what this “fellow” looks like.

Yeah. He definitely is #SomethingElse! And now he’s talking to a nurse about “all he needs are eyelashes and eyeshadow”….

Laughing, I digress.



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