Me thinks me has a solution to a lonely situation…

UPDATED: And so this didn’t work… I need another dog…. #JustSaying #BigDogPuppyLove #TimeToGetANewDog

So by now most you know that both of my doggie kiddoes, Blue AND Maxie have passed over to the #RainbowBridge…

I’ve been rather lonely for the better part of 3 weeks now.

So me thinks it’s time to take matters into my own hands, temporary, adjacent*….

Ever since 2001, I have had my son.. Blue. He was my Angel Baby Boy Blue! But when he died May 2, 2013, I had my Maxie still with me reminding me that life truly does, go on!

And then he passed away 2 weeks ago.

So I decided that I would try and see if our ranch herding dog, Buddy (aka Asshole, as Mitch likes to call him) our come into my bedroom to sleep at night, so I’m not as miserable as I truly and seriously have been lately….

I think Buddy is comfortable.

These ranch animals, the big “dogs” Cimmie Sam and Talullah

and even the furriest ones…

….ALL never want or need for anything! And as Uncle Leland (who’s in the “#Centinella Resort”) always said, “when I die, I want to come back as Amy’s dog”! #LMAO


I still don’t know if I am quite ready for a new puppy. I’m on the fence. I’d like a doggie like #Ozzy (below) but I just can’t see myself getting it myself. If I happen to get another dog, it will more than likely be given to me as a lovie gift by one of my beloved family members (I.e. #Mudflap or one of my dear dear friends…).

We shall see. Not opening the door, and not closing it, just keeping it ajar, #adjacent*.

Oh, and please PLEASE, become an UNOS Live Liver Donor! Who knows, maybe you will match my A+ blood type and can either save me (ask me how!) or countless others with all of your support! Living Donors have their transplants paid for by the recipients medical insurance. All covered, so please consider to save a life.

And you can Donate Blood, etc., for those in need. My father had countless blood transfusions and platelets as well during his #Leukemia (#AcuteMylogenousLeukemia) and subsequent #StemCellTransplant. Being generous and donating is rewarding in many ways. The service you provide can save countless lives.

My fathers Stem-Cell Transplant came all the way from Hungary… HUNGARY!! Imagine that! I am forever in her debt for saving my dads life (he died a SURVIVOR, died of sepsis from his Picc Line at Sharp Memorial San Diego).

So please give. You know why.

#PrincessButtercup, #TarBucket, Amy

* = an inside joke with Mitch (#MudFlap)


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