Because, naturally…. adjacent!

Well, I’m still sick but felt better enough to start a project I should have started in November. #Avoiding #ProcrastinationStation #Lazy #BusyWithManAndDog #HolidayExcuses

Got rid of #TheMan, and no custody of #TheDog!!! #Sadzies Cared more about the dog than the man! Ha!


So here is what I was planning to work on. An old cabinet we removed here in the remodel of 2008. I’m sanding it and going to paint it with #WaverlyPaints.


It will become filled with fabric squares for my intimates, sockies, etc… etc….

And y’all know I can’t EVER not hurt thyself, somehow, someway. The thumb was injured just plugging in my iPad into the patio wall. Then, naturally, I either broke or sprained terribly, my #MiddleFinger.

….. I can still use my left middle finger…


#BeAware #FlippingPeopleOff #ImABitch

#GuestRoomRemodel #BusyBusy #MakingGoodUseOfMyTimeOff

Here’s to an injury free evening…


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