Grammys, my DVR & the Re-evaluation of my new path….

I felt motivated today. Not sure if it was the valued, supportive leadership of my assholeio ex-boyfriend Gary my higher power and/or the calling from the Big Book giving me a chapter (10) to read out of the Blue Book (#AA) or that today is 11 months of #sobriety (probably a combination). That with the addition of Anna discussing it with me briefly and then giving me Chapter 7 to read tomorrow, today has been quite a powerful day.

(All ex-BF joking aside…. Because it is, joking…NOT..)…..

Today I am grateful for another day sober and 11 month total sobriety. I look forward to March 15th when I get to honor and be humbled (by) to my family, friends, and all those who’ve been there – through the good and the really nasty. My needy ass #caboose is forever attached to your strong, supportive #locomotive!

So while the day progressed, as sick as I am right now, I managed to reflect on my original “wall of #disgust and #hope” (this is #truth!) and take it down and re-craft it with the new #changes in my life.

Here is the original wall I created back in April, 2015….

And today’s creation…..

Well folks… Here’s hoping I continue to grow in my sobriety. By the grace of God and my incredible support system in the program (and it goes without saying that same group are my dearest friends in life, for life)!!!!

Ok, so I’m watching the #Grammys… I’m a tad bored but I’m hanging in there… So far, I have enjoyed my beloved #Adele (who sang my new relationship theme song “All I Ask” and yes, once again, she made me cry like a 5 year old who lost her best friend!), #GAGA (#amazeballs, as always),  #KendrickLamar (no clue who he was, but I know NOW!!!), hello #BonnieRaitt, congrats #EdSheeran, my new man-crush #SamHunt, #TheWeeknd, STEVIE (and his hilarious reading the winner in “haha you can’t read BRAILLE!”).

And am I the only one, and I mean absolutely no offense here (umm, yeah I do, to him, that is…) and am completely respectful about these matters (all matters, actually), that thinks that The Biebs is a bit on the effeminate side? I smell a closet door ajar, waiting to open… #JustSaying?!?!!

Who is this one, #AlabamaShakes? I’m riveted, in an awkward way… She sounds amazing, however… (UPDATED: Corine just notified me and I stand corrected, that they are a band, not just one talented woman).

And yes, #AliceCooper!!!!! #memories

Ah, fine #memories of that night! I again thank God for again opening my eyes to new and wonderful things I normally would NEVER do or think of!

So I’m wondering why there hasn’t been a #KarTRASHian sighting? Isn’t it their MO to make EVERYTHING about them? #WheresKanye…??? Is he over at some late night talk show Kanye West-ing their program?  Probably starting a #GoFundMe page… He really should be making reservations at the nearest #Sanitarium… #ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmm!?!?!?!!! I may have #NightTerrors because of that!

I really need to #ChangeTheChannel! I’m getting bored…. Isn’t there ANYTHING better on right now or am I going to have to consult my #DVR? I guess I’ll go back to my #House reruns on my DVR.

So, what are y’all doing tonight? My guess would be watching the #Grammys… I just can’t anymore because if I see that no talent twat, #Miley, I may throw my tv outside in the horse shit!

Thank good #God it’s over! Couldn’t take much more. And I’m not sure what more I have to offer to you, my dear readers…the few of you… Lol… So I ask, please read, if you like it, please follow and hit like! The more the merrier.

Would love to know what y’all are doing, thinking, or not doing and not thinking…

Hit me up in comments down below.

Until manana…

Princess Buttercup, Tar Bucket, Motormouth, Energizer Bunny (thx Dad!), Pain-In-The-Rear,



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