1st Post-op Ultrasound!

All went well. My “little nugget” is placed “Patent TIPS Placement” – whatever the heck that means….

On the 24th, I’ll see Dr. Hamed Aryafar for results and how the surgery on January 28th, went. So I’ll post a blog after that appointment about all of this.

All is well in Amyland. Taking a few “Amy Days” because I’m sick of myself! LMAO!!! So, I’m going to take a few days vacation and sun, swim and golf! Been awhile since I did, for lack of a better way of saying, ME!

For those of you celebrating the man-made “holiday” (loosely said, adjacent), hope you get what you are deserving of. I know of one person who should get the complete opposite, but I digress.

Shout out to Anna Banana, Richie Rich, Ruthie, Billie, Carolyn, Donna Marie (we have a mutual friend, small world), Father John, Brock, and ALL my friends at The Huddle!

Also a shout out to my buddy, Steve P., and everyone in Pine Valley.
Miss you all MUCH! 

Here’s my “little nugget”, aka “Little Schnitzel” (thanks Steph for the perfect name!), all snug as a bug in a rug! He’s the metal looking one inside my dead liver… WHERES MY FOIE GRAS?? I’m totally gonna wait until they can transplant a duck liver up in here!

Anyhow, love you all,



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