1st Post-Op Appointment Shiz – 02/04/2016

AKA needless information..?

Doctors Appointment Information:

  • Initial wake up weight: 129.4# (132.6# at MD)
  • Need Dr. Linderman to call in my Effexor refill, because Amy is cray and she needs her OCD pills..
  • Ask Dr. Linderman about my sleep deprivation and that my brains doesn’t “turn off” at night – it is just not normal to wake up at230to write “hot dog buns” on my next day grocery list…. #NotNormal. Call Dr. Linderman to see about Lorazepam, if necessary.
  • Weigh myself daily and if uncomfortable in my abdomen and carrying too much fluid, call. But MyChart Monday about my abdomen drain.. Yes drain? No draining? Schedule before Thursday’s ultrasound if I feel I’ll need a tap… A day/or diuretics adjustments…
  • Go take next Blood Panel Wednesday in Hillcrest

Recent Abnormal Blood Test Results: 

  • Hemogram, Blood 1/29 – Platelets 92L
  • Hemogram, Blood 1/27 – Platelets 122L
  • Glucose 1/29 – 174

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Blood (aka Liver Panel) Dates 1/29 and 2/2

  • Albumin 2.9L and 2.9L
  • ALT 155H and 82 H
  • AST 234H and 50H
  • Creatinine 0.51 and 0.47L
  • Glucose 86 and 174H

CBC, Blood – My Result and Normal Range

  • Platelets 70L (140-170)
  • WBC 3.5L (4.0-10)
  • HGB 10.5L (11.2-15.7
  • HCT 33.3%L (34-45)
  • MCV 78.5L (79-95)
  • MCH 24.8L (26-32)
  • MCHC 31.5L (32-36)
  • RDW 15.8H (12-14)
  • MPV 9.0L (9.4-12.4)

Dr. Vodkin isn’t worried about these results. Everything is supposedly going in the right direction.

Bottom line – Amy is status quo. Watching Encephalopathy and no longer driving myself. Shunt should start showing signs around week 2 and on.


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