TIPS Shunt surgery day hath cometh…

Well here we are. The time, has come. I’m a few hours away from driving to UCSD Hillcrest Hospital to check in for my surgery.

Surgery should begin around 8am…. I’m nervously excited!! A lot is going through my mind but I’m confident things will go just fine. It has to. I want my full life back. I want to live a good decade without needing a liver transplant (in Amy’s perfect world…)….

At any rate, I’m eating everything I can shove down my throat between now and midnight. Then a few short hours of complete starvation and dehydration, and I’ll be hopped up on Ativan and laying on a gurney connected to even more happiness. Because Amy = 5 year old cry baby!!

So should any of you want to inquire, please do so by either calling the hospital patient information or Gary or my mother. I’ll be there a few days….

Be well my loves…AMY

UCSD Hillcrest Patient Information: 858-657-7000 (Amy Suter)

UC San Diego Medical Center 

200 West Arbor Drive 

San Diego, CA 92103


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