TV and my usual stuff..

I realize that this is off topic, but I cannot believe that after, oh wow I think, MY WHOLE LIFE, I’ve never NOT watched The Golden Globes.

I’m flabbergasted and flummoxed!!!

So the red carpet apparently just happened.

I didn’t even know they were on tonight! Since being kidnapped by my boyfriend up here Mount Laguna, I haven’t been watching tv. I did see an episode of Modern Family on my ABC app, but I’ve been busy with the snow, doing work for his business and a filing all my medical stuff, I’ve just not had enough time.

Not to mention, it’s gorgeous here!


As you can see, I’m terribly bored… Just kidding.

Anyway, Golden Globes, wow. I guess I’ll have to read about it and see the red carpet online…. Yes, he finally conceded and got me wifi with his Verizon! Yeah me….

Next up… DirecTV for the summer… Now we all know, Miss Amy cannot be without all that is BIG BROTHER,

TV will have to wait. I’ll go out and enjoy my free ice..

Love and Warmth,


Making snow angels

Making snow angels



imageimage image image image 

Gary and his gorgeous daughter, Chelsea and her friend, Christina


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