New Year New Steps

2016??? Who the eff knew I’d get here??!!

But I did and I’m incredibly thankful and indebted to so very many people. So, let me create a list….

I’ll date and timestamp this so we can see just how long it takes to create my humbling list… 01/02/2016 6:14pm

* God

* Daddy

* The most amazing, incredible, parental units anyone could ask for, my Daddy Ted, Mother Sandra and Giuseppe and Angela Brunetto

* My sisters, Antonina and Virginia, Brother, Ted , Brother-in-law, Anthony

* My nieces, Giuliana, Angela and Graziella

* My nephews, Giovanni and his cutie patootie poopie, Zeus McGoose and Chef/Weatherman/iPad Guru, Joseph (who has been one of the most amazing caretakers and support systems in this present earth. God truly gifted me with this young man who continues to hold me accountable and makes sure that I am forever well-fed!)

* My Uncle Frank and Aunt Susie

* My bestie, Cousin Matt Perry (and love lovie, Waylon)

* Don and Steve, who continue to believe in a wonderful future of love for me

* My cousin Mitch, who saw and heard things no one should ever see or hear his “little sister” (cousin) say and do!!

* And all, and I mean, ALL, of my “Lunch Bunch” friends at The Huddle… Anna, Richard, Billy, Ruthie, Brock, Father John, Shelley, Dr. David, etc., as well as all the staff who work at The Huddle, for continuing to force feed me such amazing food!

* My nuggets at The Ranch!

* My doctors, nurses, kind caretakers on the ICU Unit at Grossmont Hospital as well as the nursing staff on the medical unit

* Dr. Pakolav for keeping it real and harshly telling me my “new reality” – see, I told you I could do it!!!!

* Dr. Michel Mendler, Dr. Rubin, Dr. Ding, Dr. Kono, as well as all the nurses and the amazing support staff in the Hepatology Offices at UCSD Hillcrest.

I would be remiss if I didn’t sit for a moment and reflect back on how far I have come. It didn’t happen overnight and it certainly couldn’t have worked if I didn’t have the help and support of the group of amazing human beings above.
By the way, I forgot to keep time. Let’s just say it’s 01/03/2016 and I’m at Sonic Burger eating cheese tots. So yeah….

Now that we have started a new year, I have the incredible privilege of being under the best liver transplant team I could ever imagine. They are a gift from my higher power, for sure. Dr. Irine Vodkin (I call her Dr. Vodka and laugh… And no, vodka was not my liquor of choice), Joanie Salotti, Terry LaForce, my nutritionist, my social worker, my therapist, all the support staff, and the great group of men and women in the fight along with me in my transplant support group.

Thank you all so very much for helping me dig out of the many holes I created for myself over the years as well as the last 2 since my dad passed over.

I present to you…. A new me!

With love always,
Amy, in the fresh white snow….
P.S. And Gary, it goes without saying, grazie amore!


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