A Sad Tribute – Gary.

UPDATE: We have since broken up, but thought I would still keep this blog as a tribute. Things weren’t all bad, but his frustrations, neuroses, hard-headedness, “my way or the highway” behavior outweighed his love, his support, and his service. I hope to one day repair our friendship, but I need to move on for now and let him do his thing, whatever that thing may be… So in good faith and spirit, I re-post this blog… I do love him still, always will, and I do forever wish him the best.
Life and all things personal…


Well, it seems your fabulous liver disease future survivor has taken a gentleman caller! Yep, I’ve gone rogue and accepted a relationship agreement. LMAO!!!!

Now let me explain.

I know you all can’t believe it’s actually happened… But it did. There truly is a man who can actually live with all that is ME! Shocking! Call him a saint. Call him a HERO… Call him whatever you want, but it indeed has happened. A man has actually been taken enough with me to call me his.

Now, I know you all also ask, “how does all this fit in with my disease and illnesses, encephalopathy and upcoming TIPS shunt surgery (yeah, I owe all of you a post about the latest but the holidays totally took over)?”

Well the answer is, he actually is interested in my well-being and future. Your guess is as good as mine but I assume and gather that he actually wants to have a future with me.

He takes me to doctors appointments and my procedures and it doesn’t shake him. He deals with my cuckoo mother and has met my entire family.

For some reason, this man has stuck round.

A little historical….

In April, y’all know how sick I was. We were still trying to get me week to week alive. Well I had started going to AA meetings because, well, I was told to (initially). I went kicking and screaming and incredibly scared. But I went to one in Pine Valley. I sat, quietly. Then this guy walked in the room (he has a tendency to do that) and I start to get a little flustered. More so than I was even before… And I was one, hot, flustered mess prior to that.

So I pretty much sat there for the majority of the meeting, just listening. Really paying attention. Trying to get to know these people through their stories, their struggle.

And after the meeting, I talked to my (now near and dear) friend, Steve P., and he introduced me to some of the members, including McSexyPants (for lack of a better nickname).

So we went out once or twice and I was so still incredibly sick that I just fell off his radar because I moved back to the city for the spring/summer. He did his thing I guess.

I remember hearing that he moved back east or something and this and that from some mutual friends.

I came back to the mountains in September but kept going to my meetings at my dearly beloved Huddle on Goldfinch in Mission Hills (shout out Richard, Anna, Ruthie, Billy, Dr. F, Father John, et al.).

One day I thought I’d stop by on my way back to the mountains to go to the “Ol Pine Valley group meeting”….

I’m sitting there and catching up with Elizabeth and Steve and I’m asked to lead the meeting, which generally is a wonderful thing I like to do, and I start the meeting and LOW AND BEHOLD….


…..in walks McSexyPants, who we will now refer to as McSexySaw, because he is a logger and falls extremely large trees for a living…, (i.e., saws really big trees down, for all you city folk) .

I think I just about died, just a little bit. Well, actually, I may have diddled in my granny panties a little too…. Hahahahaha!!

So I proceeded to text with my cousin, who knew about Gary from when we first went out back in April, and continued to be flustered and basically not use proper grammar upon speaking my usual perfect English, for the better part of the entire hour.

After the meeting, I did do all I could to try to get out of there without being seen but god forbid Steve allow that. So I socialized while still trying to stay completely hidden to all things Gary.

To no avail.

He caught me outside the door.

The rest is moot.

A few days later he kissed me, quite abruptly I might add, under the lamppost on Alpine Boulevard and the rest is history…..


With love always,



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