The Heart of it all is PERFECT!!!!

Been incredibly busy for the last 3 days… Sooooo needed to blog it out but my weekend was so wonderful and fun that I just took the whole weekend off the Internet.

I had my NucMed Cardiovascular testing this past Thursday. What an experience! Anyone ever have a rest and stress test? It was soo fascinating! My heart rate was through the roof and I was laying down… So awesome.. I embrace new (to me) procedures and testing.

I got to Thornton ”Hotel” late thanks to the extremely kind people on the I-52 that seem to not to know how to cooperate and merge politely. AKA TRAFFIC!!! I thought all those years of making the new highway was to fix this problem!!!??? Guess not. Just another waste of taxpayers $$$! But that’s another day another blog all by itself. (Mental note: type blog on my social/personal life and one for “Lactulose” (that is quite a daily experience that you must all read about!).

I sat in the waiting room in Interventional Radiology and started to read my email when I’m called back. FINALLY, I get to enjoy the other side of the department. I get my IV placed and I go to rest on the couch until they need me for the first scan. I almost fell asleep and I was uber-lonely all by myself (boo hoo, don’t feel sorry for me…).

I got called back at 0945 and proceeded to lay down on this cute bed – it was awfully small and I asked how men and women in the bigger form stay on that thing. Look at it… It was just wide enough for my skinny ass!


The Rest NucMed Scanner

But I totally took a nice 14 minute power nap while this scanner did it’s thing. Then around 1030, I was taken to my NucMed stress portion of my day. Now that was fun. I’m probably the only one who thought it was cool when all the injections went in and my body felt like I ran a marathon and breathing was hard (because of of the Lexiscan they injected to dilate my blood vessels to get to my heart).

To read how it all goes down, click here!

So I was allowed to finally eat at 1100 and I was a good little girl. I got myself some salad with chick peas and all good plant proteins as well as a side of brown rice and fresh corn (both with lots of butter that I made all the good things become moot!). It’s never a bad meal at the Thornton Hotel Restaurant (remember folks, Thornton Hotel is speak for Thornton Hospital. I cannot stress enough how gorgeous that place is and how it looks and acts like a 5-star Hotel! Excellent food, excellent people.

I finished and got back to the rest portion again and another 14 minute nap.

Needless to say, it was just a really fascinating procedure. And I just got off the phone with Joanie Salotti (my transplant nurse) who told me all the tests so far have come back perfect. Glad to know all my other organs and human “departments” are in tip top shape. It’s just my liver that hates me!

And now I’m much closer to the promised land. I have Transplant Support group this Thursday as well as my Paracentesis. Joanie (my Transplant NP) is scheduling my psycho/social psych eval (just to make sure I know the reality of the post-transplant care instructions and medications), the meeting with the transplant surgeons and my weekly blood work. I see the light at the end of the tunnel… finally! I have my “well woman” (aka OBGYN check-up for us seasoned women! Ha!) appointment next week as well as my PET scans. So it looks like I’m almost there… Then it will be up to the Transplant Center and UCSD for what to do with me now! 🙂

Lately I have been feeling rather healthy. I am running again and my aceties is keeping to a minimum (of course I will only know how well all my recent treatment changes when I have my procedure), and I’m eating more. Although /I do find myself forgetting to eat because I’m working on something or out somewhere. I need to work on that. I weighed in today at 128.7lbs and assuming am carrying 7-8lbs of fluid, that isn’t really good. I really need to focus on gaining weight. I have been drinking protein shakes in the morning, have yet to drink the one I prepared in the fridge today…. Bad Amy!

Being happy helps. I’m truly happy. I honestly do not think I have ever been truly honestly happy before. It’s an awesome feeling. I finally have clarity in my life, which really does help the condition to which I have made for myself. Positive inner reinforcement!

And I just got some mail. My wonderful Confirmation Godparents, Brian and Diana Johnson (along with their amazingly talented daughter Victoria (you catch her on Fox 5 News Weekends at night) and their son Brian and Cassie Johnson and their new beautiful baby girl Gracie)) sent me a get-well card and I am soooo blessed to have them in my life. Never in my life would I ever have thought that I would be receiving get-well cards. I always fielded them for daddy…. How time changes things.

Well, I must close for now and get working on my Social/Personal Life blog… Who knew I would again have a personal life???

Be healthy, wealthy and wise (and an organ donor!),



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