Georgie, My Therapy Tortoise

I love Georgie! He’s my “Therapy Turtle”. Heck, if y’all can have therapy dogs, I can have my turtle!!

I have had dogs and cats in my life. Many have died, many are on their way. I lost my son, Blue and I’m still thinking of him (OK, truth here, I still sleep with his doggie toy kong at night. DON’T JUDGE!).

I’m tired of people and animals dying on me. So I thought to myself, what can I have to love that won’t leave me. My cousin Mitch told me about this tortoise his friend had (Shane has a reptile business).

George was born exactly one month to the day of what I like to call “Amy’s Incident”. He was born on April 15, 2015. I knew there was no way I could get a reptile past my mom, godmother and sisters without looking a fool so I let it go.

Around July, on a random day, I was, as usual, resting in bed post-paracentesis, and Mitch and my mom come in and ask me to follow them. I said, “Mitch if this is another ‘come see what my demon spawn cat is doing activity again’, I’ll kill you”. I him-hawed around and asked my mom if this was really truly important. She said yes. So I followed them and they blind-folded me (usually I don’t mind being tied, but from my mom and cousin, now that’s scary) and told me to stand. So I did and then they let me look and there he was. My Georgie!!!

I was soooo excited! I also couldn’t believe my mom was involved in this.

I’ve had him now a few months and he is soooo beloved by everyone. My godmother, nieces, nephews, friends. Shoot, even the tourists on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame!!! He’s cool with Eastwood! He’s even visited the Sunset Strip!

He’s been on vacation.

He’s taken car rides. He goes where I go (as allowed).

He’s growing. Not so much in girth but in strength. He’s started to burrow, which I hear means he might be about to hibernate. Nooooo! Not my Georgie. He can’t leave me for a few months!!! I just can’t let that happen. He’s too cute not to see on the daily! Just look at that little booty!!!

HaHa! But a tortoise does what a tortoise must do. And so he does. And I love him for all that he is.

Even when he’s SNUG AS A BUG IN A RUG!!

Tortoise Kisses,

Amy & Georgie


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